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Series 1500

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Series 1500

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Series 1500

It is designed to remove all kinds of Carbon, oil, chemical dirt from various parts.
It is generally used in the Automotive Sector, Industrial Production Sites, Aircraft Industry, Ship Industry, Defense Industry sectors.
The entire washing process is automatically performed untouched in a cabin isolated from the external environment. During this process, by means of an electro stainless steel body pump, alkaline chemical water with a concentration of 2-5% in the washing tank of the device is contacted by nozzles specially placed at each point of the dirty part.
While rotating around its axis with a powerful motor in the washing basket used, the material is excused to the water coming from the sprays from “3” separate points, including from the bottom, top and side.
Cleans using a combination of high-pressure, versatile spray nozzles and a heated aqueous-based detergent solution.
Alloy spray nozzles installed on the inner wall, ceiling and underside of the cabinet and a rotary table spray heated, high-pressure cleaning solution flow on objects loaded inside the huge front loading cabinet.
The low RPM turntable provides 360 degree cleaning.

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