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V Mixer

What Are Mixers Used For?

These mixers, known as V Mixers, are mixers used for mixing dry powder or granular products. It is commonly referred to as a powder mixture mixer or trouser mixer.
Generally, V mixers, which are widely used in the food industry, pharmaceutical industry and feed industry, are used to obtain a homogeneous mixture in a short time.
There are also V mixer models in which a second counter group is used from the inside.

V Should Attention Be Paid When Choosing a Mixer? Why Samplus V Mixer?

V The most important point to be determined when choosing a mixer is the content of the mixture.
The specific gravity and structure of the products to be mixed V directly affect the mixer preference. So much so that cube mixers should be preferred instead of V mixer for some products.
V It is important that the lid structure of the mixer facilitates filling and seals.
All materials to be used must be made of stainless steel.
The motion drive system must be suitable so that the V mixer can be stopped at the filling and discharge points.
V mixers are dangerous machines due to their structure. All occupational safety measures have been taken in our V mixers in order to prevent the operator from facing any risk, especially during filling and unloading.
Finally, the welding workmanship of the V mixers should be of the first quality and a good finishing should be done inside and outside the hopper.
Especially for V mixers to be used in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries, the fact that particles remain in the chamber after discharge directly affects the structure of the next mixture.
We have V mixer models in the desired capacities in the December from 50Lt to 500 Lt.

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